Why Do Bronze Sculptures Rust and How to Remove It?

Why Do Bronze Sculptures Rust and How to Remove It?

Why Do Bronze Sculptures Rust?

1. Humidity: If there is too much moisture in the air, the cuprous chloride produced by the corrosion of the chloride will produce soft powdery base copper chloride after obtaining oxygen and moisture. Will continuously corrode the copper interior, causing its surface to rust and peel off.

2. Temperature: The temperature basically will not affect the bronze, unless it is abnormally high temperature.

3. The temperature and humidity around the bronze can’t be changed too fast, because the bronze will be affected by the sudden cooling and heat, and even break naturally.

Methods to Remove Rust in Bronze Sculpture

1. Kerosene and dentifrice derusting method: first wipe with kerosene in cloth, then wipe with dentifrice to remove copper rust.

2. Vinegar de-embroidering method: The green patina on copper utensils can be dipped in vinegar with cloth, and then wiped with an appropriate amount of salt or cuttlefish bone powder,

It can be removed.

3. Sea salt derusting method: If the corrosion on the copper appliance is very serious, the sea salt can be melted in the melted wax, use this solution

Wipe with liquid to eliminate copper rust.

4. Lemon juice derusting method: If rust is formed on copper utensils, lemon juice can be removed with salt and wiped, if you want to make it brighter,

It can be wiped with tin foil wrapped with cigarettes or sawdust and some salt. The effect is very good.

5. Talc powder, fine wood derusting method: use 160 grams of fine wood, 60 grams of talc powder, 240 cocoa bran together, pour about 50 grams of vinegar, mix into a paste, coated on rusty copper After the wind dries, the patina can be removed

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